Comstock Lode Historical Glass and Silver Earrings


I live in Virginia City, Nevada, the richest place on earth around 1875, site of the Comstock Lode. I walk the hills where homes once stood like ants on a hill. They're all gone. What remains is history in very small portions. Today I am offering a pair of earrings made from 150+/- year old green glass and silver. The glass most likely came from a whiskey bottle. I found the shard, cleaned most of the mineral deposits away and fired to 1600 degrees to form the cabochon. The color is mesmerizing, with amazing inclusions. Cabs bezel set, earrings measure about 2.25" with stainless steel posts. Silver was stamped using vintage Navajo stamps I purchased form a pawn shop in Santa Fe. There is nothing on the market like this. Glass colors back then aren't the same as modern colors and the glass reacts much differently to heat. I ship USPS Priority, flat $7.95 for now, they keep raising it.