How I Got Started

I'm BACK!  It's been a tough two years folks. The love of my life lost his valiant fight with cancer January, 2016 sending me into a total tailspin. A change of scenery and a life reboot was essential. I left Reno and bought a funky chateau in Virginia City, Nevada. I've been here three months organizing my workshop and generally getting life back  into perspective. Stay with me!  My mojo is coming back with a vengeance!

So, you may ask why my Grandmother's photo is on the first page, well, I think is pretty obvious, she was a unique individual. She wasn't a snuggly, cookie baking, knit-me-a -sweater Grandmother, she ran around with a cigarette in a holder and a snake in her blouse, yeah she swam against the current. So, whenever I feel unsure of my direction, or question my ideas, I ask my self, what would Lola do? La-la-la-la Lola.